Water and earth, Venice and its Lagoon. The Venetian gastronomic tradition has its profound roots in this intimate fusion, exactly like the salicornia of the barene.

Lagoon and Adriatic fish and shellfish, vegetables and fruit from the Lagoon garden Islands and surrounding mainland farms, and in Autumn, selvadego, the wild lagoon fowl that stop over in the Lagoon before migrating to warmer lands.


A tradition that has always relied on the local resources and which is particularly meaningful today as it enhances the economic and cultural value of smaller producers: therefore not just providing freshness and quality, but also safeguarding a unique environment and defending precious varietals than can be found nowhere else.

And these unique varietals, strictly bound to the territory, have been enhanced by the influences of the centuries of voyages by Venetian ships through many seas, far and wide. Aromatic spices and refined ingredients are combined with local products in a vivacious historical exchange which remains vibrant today.