The current menu, with our specialties tied to the Venetian farmlands and their seasonal products.

In choosing our produce, we favor small-scale producers preferably from the islands of the lagoon, Venetian hinterland, and the Slow Food Presidiums.  For our homemade pasta, for our desserts and for deep-frying we use unrefined, stone-ground flour. Our high quality extravirgin olive oils are from olives picked and pressed in the area in which they are grown.

Our fish and seafood are primarily Adriatic-Mediterranean, not farmed or dragged – Fao 37 (2.1,2.2,1.1,1.2,1.3) – Fao 27

Our meats are from : Damini (Vi) and Nicola (To), Zivieri (Bo) butcher shops

Raw and marinated fish have undergone preventive temperature treatment for raw fish protocol.

NOTE:  Many of our dishes contain allergens.  Check posted list or our allergen menu and please advise.

– We serve the a la carte and tasting menu only for a maximum of 6 guests – 

Beyond this number, we must organize a set menu

-Ristorante Al Covo belongs to the Alliance of Chefs and Slow Food Presidia-

Presidia are Slow Food projects that work to protect small-scale producers and to safeguard quality, traditional products. Presida Slow Food

Menu updated 10/2019