The current menu, with our specialties tied to the Venetian farmlands and their seasonal products.

Lunch Menu


  • Gillardeau oysters from Marennes # 3 and/or Adriatic sea truffles 5/3 per piece – not always available Appetizer of the day   €20/25
  • Raw fish and /or shell fish of the day  €25
  • Adriatic fish and shellfish appetizer platter   €30
  • Cantabrico anchovies on toast with Primiero butter       15
  • Dry cod mousse Venetian style with Biancoperla polenta    15
  • Pumpkin bread with house-smoked mackerel and salted butter    €15
  • Burrata di Andria , “green sauce” and Masculina da magghia anchovies     20
  • Bianca Piemontesebeef tartare, chips and Rosa di Gorizia endives  23
  • Pasta dish of the day     21
  • Real Lamon bean “pasta e fagioli” with sausage and Treviso endives €18
  • Our “Russian salad “ with Adriatic shrimp   €18

Main Dishes / Sides Dishes

  • Fresh Adriatic fish dish “decided at the market”   26
  • Breaded- fried sardines and “canoce” shrimp, fries, fennel, “rouille” sauce  26
  • Deep-fried platter of Adriatic fish and shellfish and vegetables  31
  • “Not fish” dish of the day   €15/25
  • Brased Treviso endives    10
  • Salad of “first cut” lettuces, field greens and legumes  €10
  • Bean salad (Gialèt from Val Belluna)   €10

Terroir Lunch menu “carte blanche”
only for the entire table
appetizer, pasta dish, main dish, dessert or cheese
€ 46 per person

With wine pairing:    + € 18 (3 glasses)    + € 23 (4 glasses)

Cover Charge € 5/per person  (already included in the Tasting Menu and with a choice of 2 courses per person)

Only MASTERCARD and VISA  –  Service charge not included, left to your discretion

Dinner Menu

Appetizers  / Pastas and  Soups

  • “Plateau” of local fish, seafood and shellfish Catalan style      €30
  • Tartare of wild adriatic fish      €25
  • Dry cod mousse Venetian style with Biancoperla polenta   15  
  • Bianca Piemontese beef tartare, matchstick chips and Rosa di Gorizia endives    €25
  • Culatello (cured ham) and salami from Zibello , pear and 36 month aged Parmigiano Reggiano     €25
  • Burrata di Andria, green sauce and Masculine da magghia anchovies    €22
  • Salted Cantabrica anchovies on toasts with Primiero butter and green sauce    15
  • Pumpkin bread with house-smoked mackerel and/or red mullet and salted butter      €15
  • Our Russian salad with Adriatic shrimp    18
  • Linguini with local clams and broccoli rabe    23
  • Real Lamon bean “pasta e fagioli” with sausage and Treviso endives   18

Main dishes

  • Adriatic monkfish, crispy pancetta, potato and leek fondue and Giàlet beans €27
  • Salt cod in cocotte, Taggiasca olives, Salina capers and rosemary     €27
  • Deep-fried medley of local fish, seafood and vegetables with Biancoperla polenta without lemon   €31
  • Breaded and fried fresh sardines and mantis shrimp, fennel and “rouille” sauce    €27
  • Bianca Piemontese beef Tagliata, “Cornette” potato fries, chicory sprouts and homemade ketchup       27
  • Rack and pulp of Sambucano lamb , artichokes, potatoes and mint sauce   €27

Side dishes   10€

  • Thyme “Cornette” potato fries – “Misticanza” salad with legumes – Cardoons au gratin
  • Salad of Giàlet and/or Lamon beans – Braised Treviso endives – Seasonal vegetable plate

Tasting Menu”carte blanche” (local fish and seafood)   –only for the entire table

(Sorry, not after 9:30PM)   -for maximum six person-

             7 courses – 3 appetizers,1 pasta dish, 2 main dishes, dessert or cheese  € 76 per person, cover charge included

We accept only MasterCard and Visa  – Service Charge:  not included, left to your discretion

Cover Charge:  € 6 each (no charge with a purchase  of 60 € per person or with Tasting Menu)

-Sorry,  no separate checks –

In choosing our produce, we favor small-scale producers preferably from the islands of the lagoon, Venetian hinterland, and the Slow Food Presidiums.  For our homemade pasta, for our desserts and for deep-frying we use unrefined, stone-ground flour. Our high quality extra virgin olive oils are from olives picked and pressed in the area in which they are grown.

Our fish and seafood are principally Adriatic-Mediterranean, not farmed, Fao 37 (2.1,2.2,1.1,1.2,1.3)- Fao 27.

Our meats come from the Zivieri butchery and our charcuterie from Az. Agr. Antica Corte Pallavicina (Zibello) and the Falaschi butchery (San Miniato).


Raw and marinated fish have undergone preventive temperature treatment for raw fish protocol.

*NOTE:  Many of our dishes contain allergens.  Check posted list and please advise

-Ristorante Al Covo belongs to the Alliance of Chefs and Slow Food Presidia-

Presidia are Slow Food projects that work to protect small-scale producers and to safeguard quality, traditional products.