1. What is a Cookie

Cookie is small file that store information on your device, like computer, TV, mobile phone or other devices. They enable the entity that put the cookie on your device to recognize you across different websites, services, devices, and/or browsing sessions. Cookie serve many useful purposes. For example, cookie enable us to identify your device, secure your access to our sites generally, and even help us know if someone attempts to access your account from a different device.

What are the different types of Cookie?

A cookie can be classified by its lifespan and the domain to which it belongs. By lifespan, a cookie is either a:

  • Session Cookie which is erased when the user closes the browser
  • Persistent Cookie which remains on the user’s computer/device for a pre-defined period of time.

As for the domain to which it belongs, there are either:

  • First-party Cookie which are set by the web server of the visited page and share the same domain
  • Third-party Cookie stored by a different domain to the visited page’s domain. This can happen when the webpage references a file, such as JavaScript, located outside its domain.

2. Our use of Cookie and similar technologies

In order to ensure that the website works well, we will use Cookie and similar technologies such as pixel tags and website beacons. Cookie are plain text files that are stored on a computer or mobile device by a web server. The content of Cookie can only be retrieved or read by the server that creates it. Each cookie is unique to your web browser or mobile app. Cookie usually contains some identifiers, commonly-used information and other details. For instance, you can reduce the number of login authentications needed and improve your experience through cookie technology when browsing different web pages of our website. Otherwise, you may not be identified as the same person and may be asked to enter the authentication information again if logging onto to our website and then be required to go to another web page of our website.

These technologies help us and third parties to better understand user behavior, tell us which section of our website you have browsed, and measure and improve the effectiveness of or services. We will not use Cookie for any purposes other than as described in this policy. You can manage or delete these Cookie based on your own preferences through your web browser setting or through this website’s Cookie preference settings. However, please note that some our services may be designed to require the use of Cookie and disabling Cookie may affect your rights to use these services or some of these features. Our website adopts the relevant measures set out in the Cookie Directive. The information here will be reviewed and updated from time to time.

In addition to Cookie, we also uses other similar technologies such as local storage, web beacons, and pixel tags on its website. For example local storage of HTML5, can cache frequently-used data related to you so that such data can be rendered to you quickly when you switch between different web pages of the our website. As another example, an email sent to you may contain a click URL linked to the content of the website. If you click on the link, this click will be tracked to help us better understand your product and service preferences and improve customer service. Web beacons are usually transparent images embedded in websites or e-mails. With the help of the pixel tags in emails, we can know whether the email content is effectively served to the user.

3. How to control Cookie

You can prevent the setting of Cookie by adjusting the settings on your browser. When you use a web browser to access ristorantealcovo.com website, you can configure your browser to accept all Cookie, reject all Cookie, or notify you when a Cookie is sent. Each browser is different, so check the “Help” menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences. Besides, you can find information about how to manage Cookie in the browser at the following addresses:

Microsoft Windows Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

The operating system of your device may contain additional controls for Cookie.

Further information about Cookie

Information and technical details on Cookie:  http://ec.europa.eu/ipg/basics/legal/cookies/index_en.htm

Useful information about the technical aspects of Cookie can be found: http://www.allaboutcookies.org

Guide to online behavioural advertising and online privacy produced by the internet advertising industry: http://www.youronlinechoices.eu

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Cookie Policy – REVISED May 25, 2018