The current menu, with our specialties tied to the Venetian farmlands and their seasonal products.

Lunch Menu


  • Appetizer of the day “decided at the market”       €20/25
  • Raw fish and /or shell fish of the day       €25
  • Adriatic fish and shellfish appetizer  platter     €30
  • Masculine di Magghia  anchovies on toast with Primiero butter     €15
  • Bufalo Burrata , “green sauce” and Catabrico anchovies     €20
  • Fried zucchini blossoms, stuffed with bufala ricotta and mint     €18
  • Charcuterie of Cinta Senese , home made  sottolio and pickled  €23
  • Light beef tartare (Bianca Piemontese), fries and  greens  €23
  • Pasta dish of the day “decided at the market “    €21
  • Today’s special soup  €18                            
  • “Pinzimonio” raw vegetable platter  fron S.Erasmo with dips   €15
  • Our “Russian salad “ with local shrimp     €18
  • “Bell pepper “  with fresh stracchino cheese    €15

Main Dishes/sides

  • Fresh Adriatic fish dish “decided at the market”    26
  • Breaded- fried sardines and “canoce” shrimp, fries, fennel, “rouille” sauce    26
  • Deep-fried platter of Adriatic fish and shellfish and vegetables     30
  • Cheeseburger (“Bianca Piemontese” breed) real potato fries and crudité our style   200 gr.   20 
  • “Not fish” dish of the day  15/23
  • Fresh vegetable platter (Sant’ Erasmo and lagoon vegetable gardens)  €15
  • Salad of “first cut” lettuces, field greens and legumes  €10
  • Bean salad (Gialèt from Val Belluna)  €10

Terroir Lunch menu “carte blanche”    -only for the entire table

  appetizers, pasta dish, main dish, dessert or cheese

€ 43/per person

With wine pairing:   € 20 (3 glasses)   € 28 (4 glasses)

Dinner Menu

Appetizers  / Pastas and  Soups

  • Appetizer of the day “decided at the market”      € 25
  • “The sea on the plate”, appetizer of Adriatic fresh fish and shellfish   €30
  • Fresh Adriatic raw scampi “al Prosecco”   €25    –not always available-
  • This evening’s tartare of fresh wild Adriatic fish     €25
  • Fried zucchini blossoms, stuffed with bufalo ricotta and fresh mint  €18
  • Light beef tartare (“Bianca Piemontese” breed ), chips and field greens  €23
  • Culatello (cured ham) and salami from Zibello with 36-month aged Reggiano  €25
  • Bufala burrata, green sauce and Masculina anchovies  €22
  • Catabrica salt anchovies on toasts with Primiero butter  €15
  • Our “Russian salad” with Adriatic shrimp  €18
  • “Bell pepper” and stracchino cheese  €15
  • “Pinzimonio” (raw vegetable platter) from Sant’ Erasmo with dips  €15
  • This evening’s special pasta dish  €23/21
  • This evening’s special soup  €18

Main dishes

  • Adriatic fish on the grill “mediterranean” style   €29
  • Fresh daily fish dish “decided at the market”   €29
  • Deep-fried medley of fish, seafood and vegetables with Biancoperla polenta (two servings)   €38
  • Breaded, fried fresh sardines “de alba” and mantis shrimp, matchstick fries, fennel, “rouille” sauce   €26
  • Bianca Piemontese beef “tagliata” , real potato fries, confit tomatoes and Sorana beans  €26
  • Special “not-fish” dish of the day   €26

Side dishes

  • Real potato fries, rosemary – “Misticanza” salad with legumes- Eggplant “Caponata” –   €10
  • Salad of Gialletti beans from Val Belluna   €10
  • Fresh vegetable platter (Sant’Erasmo and lagoon vegetable gardens)  €15

Cesare’s “Tasting Menu” (local fish and seafood)   -only for the entire table-

(Sorry, not after 9:30PM)

    7 courses –  3 appetizers, 1 pasta dish, 2 main dishes, dessert or cheese     € 73 per person, cover charge included 

In choosing our produce, we favor small-scale producers preferably from the islands of the lagoon, Venetian hinterland, and the Slow Food Presidiums.  For our homemade pasta, for our desserts and for deep-frying we use unrefined, stone-ground flour. Our high quality extra virgin olive oils are from olives picked and pressed in the area in which they are grown.

Our fish and seafood are principally Adriatic-Mediterranean, not farmed, Fao 37 (2.1,2.2,1.1,1.2,1.3)- Fao 27



Raw and marinated fish have undergone preventive temperature treatment for raw fish protocol.

*NOTE:  Many of our dishes contain allergens.  Check posted list and please advise

-Ristorante Al Covo belongs to the Alliance of Chefs and Slow Food Presidia-

Presidia are Slow Food projects that work to protect small-scale producers and to safeguard quality, traditional products.



We accept only MasterCard and Visa     –     Service Charge:  not included, left to your discretion

Cover Charge:  € 5/person (no charge when appetizer or “starter” and main dish are chosen per guest, or with Tasting Menu)